Teaching With Primary Sources
Lesson Plan
This plan was developed under a grant from the Library of Congress at Wayne County RESA
By J'aime Holderbaum
Level:  Upper Elementary

Day 1 Understanding Primary and Secondary Sources

Day 2  Examining Primary Source Advertisements From Michigan

Day 3  Research to Discover if Still in Business

Day 4  Create Your Own Michigan Advertisement


Day 2:  Examining Primary Source Advertisements From Michigan

1.  Model lesson:  Discuss/review natural, human, and capital resources.  Print “Resources Posters” to use in this discussion.

Show the example (print or show online) primary resource from the Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Co.  Discuss the natural, human, and capital  resources from Michigan that contributed to this piece of history.

2.  Print and copy graphic organizer for students.  Divide students into groups and pass out a primary resource set to each group.  If students have computer access, they could view the resources online.  Students will discuss the primary resource as they record responses.   The graphic organizer will prompt students to discuss:  What does this look like?  What type of business does this promote?  What natural, human, and capital resources influenced the development of this company?

Click here to print or view primary sources for students to use:

Detroit Electric Cars Kellogg Cereal Caille Boat Motor
Michigan Buggy Co. Brewster's Safety Rein Holder American Boy Magazine
Ford Motor Co. St. John's Table Company Dupont

View Resources for primary sources

3.  Summary of lesson:  Call on students to share their observations.