Teaching With Primary Sources
Lesson Plan
This plan was developed under a grant from the Library of Congress at Wayne County RESA
By J'aime Holderbaum
Level:  Upper Elementary

Day 1 Understanding Primary and Secondary Sources

Day 2  Examining Primary Source Advertisements From Michigan

Day 3  Research to Discover if Still in Business

Day 4  Create Your Own Michigan Advertisement



In this lesson students will:

~Become familiar with the terms primary and secondary sources

~Examine and analyze primary source Michigan advertisements from the late 1800s to the early 1900s

~Determine the natural, human, and capital resources that contributed to the economic development of the products

~Research to determine if these companies are still in operation today or if the product is still produced

~Discuss reasons that they think contributed to the success or failure of the companies

~Create an advertisement illustrating a new company or product that could be developed from Michigan resources

Michigan State Social Studies Grade Level Content Expectations

3-H3.0.2  Explain how historians use primary and secondary sources to answer questions about the past.

3- E1.0.3  Analyze how Michigan’s location and natural resources influences its economic development.

3-E1.0.4  Describe how entrepreneurs combine natural, human, and capital resources to produce goods and services in Michigan.

3-E1.0.5  Explain the role of business development in Michigan’s economic future.

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