The Library of Congress


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The major categories under which the lessons are organized include:

Overview of How to Use the Library of Congress "American Memory" Resources

Designing Your Lesson Plan With Primary and Secondary Sources
By: Abby Combs
Designing Your American Memory Lesson Plan  
Primary and Secondary Sources

How to Work with and Copy Library of Congress Resources
By:  Katy Koskela
Instructions - Copy, Bookmark, Link

WebQuest:  Using the Library of Congress for Primary Sources
By:  Donna Comstock-Herman
Lesson Plan

Library of Congress WebQuest:  Investigate and Explore the LOC Website
By:  Susan Laninga

Introduction to Primary Sources:  
What Are They and How to Find Them
 Tracy H Chrenka
Lesson Plan

Using Magic to Teach Using Primary Resources (Early 1900s)
By:  Lannie Castagne
Lesson Plan
Grades 4-8