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High School Lesson Plans

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United States History
Era 6:  Development of Industrial, Urban and Global United States (1870-1930)

Tragedy, Triumph, or Trespass?
An Evaluation of Westward Expansion (1860s-1870s)
By:  Greg Schreur
Lesson Plan

TR (Teddy Roosevelt) Redefines American (1870-1920)
By:  Russ Norris
Lesson Plan

How Theodore Roosevelt Saved Football
 Inpsired by the book, The Big Scrum, by John J. Miller
By:  Anthony Salciccioli
Lesson Plan

Urban Growth and Child Labor (1870-1930)
By:  Michelle Serafin
Lesson Plan

Muckrakers to Progressives: A Congressional Testimony Roleplay (1895-1930)
By:  Chuck Jager
Primary Source Lesson Plan

Who were the Progressive Organizations?
By:  Lindsay Flynn
Framework for Library of Congress Lesson
Handouts LOC Lesson
Primary Resources from the LOC

The Power of Peace:  Protests, Public Policy, and Civil Disobedience (1900's)
By:  Kathy Bennett
Lesson Plan

In Search of the Promised Land:  African American Migration Patterns (1910-1950)
By:  Lynn M. Kelley
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The Woman's Suffrage Movement
By:  Deidrah Scott
The Woman's Suffrage Movement Unit

Women and the Right to Vote (1910-1920)
By:  Gretchen Storey
Lesson Plan

"Over There"
Explore the US Entrance into World War I (1913-1917)
By:  Senia Kuntze
Lesson Plan

The Newlands Reclamation Debate:  Water for Sale (1920)
By:  Mary Helen Diegel
Lesson Plan

Consumer Tastes and Advertising-The 1920's vs. Today (1920)
By:  Amy Seguin
Lesson Plan

Advertising, Yesterday and Today:  Emergence of Advertising in America (1850-1920)
By:  Emily Smith
Lesson Plan

Connecting the Great Gatsby to the Jazz Age (1920)
By:  Scott Fitzgerald
Lesson Plan

"Their Eyes Were Watching God," A Novel By Zora Neale Hurston
By:  Amy Cote
Lesson Plan

Sources of Urbanization in the U.S. 1870-1920, Rural Migration Patterns
By:  Andrew Miller
Lesson Plan

Era 7:  Great Depression and World War II (1920-1945)

The Harlem Renaissance:  The Age of Vouge
By:  Lynn Kelley
Lesson Plan

The Dustbowl and the New Deal (1920's)

By:  Karen Villegas

Setting the Stage for the New Deal ver.2.wmv 
The Dust Bowl and the New Deal Lesson Plan

The Great Depression:  Labor Relations
By:  Jeremiah May
Lesson Plan

Photographs of Migrant or Displaced Workers & Life Events
Used to Compare to Descriptions of Characters in “The Grapes of Wrath” by: John Steinbeck (1929-1945)
By:  Jennifer Simula
Lesson Plan

Constructing Narrative From the Migrant Experience in Literature (1920-1945)
By:  Thomas Suchenek
Lesson Plan

The Experiences of African Americans During the Great Depression (1930's)
By:  Deborah Wood
Lesson Plan

WWII Perspectives Through American Print Media (1925-1945)
By:  Jennifer Livingston
Lesson Plan

“The Magna Carta”
The importance of the Magna Carta & The Story of Storing it at the Library of
Congress from 1939-1946
By:  Toni Simovski
Lesson Plan

The Navajo Code Talkers (1942-1945)
By:  Kathy Swanger
Lesson Plan

Introduction to Japanese Internment (1943)
By:  Brandon Currin
Lesson Plan

America at War:  The Experiences of Children in World War II and Today

By:  Mike Gervasi & Gail Ashburn
Lesson Plan

Cryptography:  Oral History of WWII Veteran Lawrence E. Arnett
By:  Jacqueline Crandall & Laura Edge
Lesson Plan

US Involvement in WWII and the Liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp
By:  Shannon D'Agostino & Kathryn Munoz
Lesson Plan

Bombs Away!!  The Role of Strategic Bombing in Changing Warfare in World War II
By:  Bryan Richards & Joe Maci
Lesson Plan

World War II Turning Points in the Pacific:  Philippine Campaign-Battle of Leyte Gulf
By:  Janice Warju & Carol Osborne
Lesson Plan

Era 8:  Post World War II United States (1945-1989)

Coca-Cola Advertising With Primary Source Documents (1949-1999)
By:  Theresa McCrumb
Lesson Plan

Exploring the Marshall Plan Through Primary Resources (1947-1950)
By:  Ruth Duling
Lesson Plan
Supplemental Pictures and Documents

Segregation Documents From the Library of Congress (1945-1989)
By:  Michael Jones
Lesson Plan
Primary Resource Documents

“To Pass, or not to Pass”  The Equal Rights Amendment Dilemma
By:  Toni Simovski
Lesson Plan

The Tuskegee Airmen:  
We Fight, We Fight!  A Look at the Tuskegee Airmen Bomber Pilots in WWII
By:  Marsha Lewis
Lesson Plan

Protest and Pride:  The Entertainment Industry Response to the Vietnam War ( 1965-1970)
By:  Rick Jackson
Lesson Plan Part 1
Lesson Plan Part 2

Era 9:  America in a New Global Age

What Are Civil Rights?
By:  Nicola Turner
Lesson Plan

Foreign Relations of the United States During the Post WWII Era
By:  Kimberly Hudson-Holland
Lesson Plan

September 11 Terrorist Attacks and Their Impact On Our Freedom (2001)

By:  Sandy Glenn
Lesson Plan

9-11 and Beyond (2001)
By:  Mary Johnson
Lesson Plan

United States Govenernment

Teaching American Government Using Primary Documents
By:  Ray Walker

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