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The major categories under which the lessons are organized include:

Elementary Lesson Plans
Early Elementary Michigan US History Era 1 US History Era 2 US History Era 3

Early Elementary

Walking With Ruby Bridges
By:  Carol Connor
Lesson Plan

Family Histories
By:  Julie Castle & Marcy Goyett
Lesson Plan

Your Community: Then and Now
By:  Karen Lemmons
Your Community:  Then and Now Lesson Plan

The United States Flag:  A Symbol of Our Country
By:  Kelly Hoffman
Lesson Plan

The History of Women Addressing Problems in the Community
By:  Christina Del Pizzo & Caroline Semrau
Lesson Plan

Comparing and Contrasting Maps
By:  Robin Mitchell
Lesson Plan

Values and Principles of American Democracy Fairness
By:  Leonna Blessing
Lesson Plan


The Toledo War:  Michigan Attains Statehood
By:  Donna Vincent
Lesson Plan

Pioneer Life In Michigan
By:  Kathryn Hribar
Lesson Plan

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Podcast  Guide 7
1.  Meet the Nowlin Family
2.  The Boat Ride Across Lake Erie
3.  The House and the Farm
4.  Making Money and Getting Food
5.  William Wants a Pig
6.  Unwanted Visitors
7.  Inside the Nowlin House
Compare and Contrast Chart 
Comparison and Contrast Rubric
Rubric for Retelling
Rubric for Visual Respresentation

How do people use, modify, and adapt to the environment of Michigan?
By:  Kathryn Hribar
Lesson Plan
Adapting to Michigan Photos
Photo Analysis Worksheet
Michigan Photo Assessment

Examining Primary Source Advertisements From Michigan
By:  J'aime Holderbaum

Examining Primary Source Advertisements From Michigan Lesson Plan
Understanding Primary and Secondary Sources

Finnish Immigrant Experience in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Mid 1800s-Early 1900s)
By:  Mary Myton
Lesson Plan

Underground Railroad in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region
By:  Kristina Vanhala
Lesson Plan

Train To Midnight:  A Journey on the Underground Railroad
Kristi Karis
Lesson Plan

Migration and "The Orphan Train"

By:  Terence Madden
Migration and the Orphan Train Lesson Plan

Remember the Ladies: How Suffragists Changed Voting Requirements
in the Early 1900's
By:  Vanessa Holland
Lesson Plan

Battle Creek, MI Feeds the World
By:  Emelia Johnson
Lesson Plan

Elementary United States History 
Era 1: Beginnings to 1620

How European Explorers Changed the View of the World (1492-1590)
By:  Michael Catrell
Lesson Plan

Exploring with the Early Explorers Using Primary Sources From the Library of Congress

By:  Eric Strommer
Exploring With the Early Explorers Lesson Plan

Trading Post:  Importance of Significance of Trading on the Frontier (1500's-present)
By:  Rita Lockridge
Lesson Plan

How Historians Can Use Art As Artifacts (1500's)
By:  Mary McCafferty Douglass
Lesson Plan

Native People of the Pacific Northwest
By:  Susan Soloman
Lesson Plan

Native American Forced Assimilation From the 15th Century up to 1900
By:  Kathryn R. Munoz
Lesson Plan

Westward Movement (1800s -2000)
By:  Neeta Jacobson
Lesson Plan

Era 2:  Colonization and Settlement (1585-1763)

Jamestown:  Significant Events in the Establishment of Jamestown (early 1600s)
By:  Kenneth Dunwoody
Lesson Plan

The African Slave Trade (1585-1763)
By:  Robin Long
Lesson Plan

Era 3:  Revolution and the New Nation (1754-1800) Grade 5

Hitting History With Primary Sources
Using the American Revolutionary War (1754)
By:  Judy Grifhorst
Lesson Plan

Revolutionary War:  The Stamp Act of 1765
By:  Maria E. Wallevand
Lesson Plan

Whose Side Is It?  Political Cartoon Analysis of The Stamp Act of 1765
By:  Sarah Stec
Lesson Plan

The Stamp Act:  Cause and Effect
By:  Suzanne Wancha
Lesson Plan

Voices of the Revolution:  People and Events (1773)
By:  Civeroreen Wilson
Lesson Plan

Declaring Independence:  Fighting With Words (1776)
By:  Beth Shroyer Fortino
Lesson Plan
Primary Answer Form

Importan Events That Led to the Constitution (1770s)
By:  Michelle Howarth
Lesson Plan

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death (1775)
By:  Elly Plowman
Lesson Plan

Who Was Kosciuszko and Why Don't We Remember Him?  1917
By: Melissa Belevender
Lesson Plan

Religious Arguments For or Against the American Revolution
By:  William R.D. Hillaker
Lesson Plan

The Treaty of Paris (1783)
By:  Alyson Jones
Treaty of Paris Lesson Plan

Reactions to the Revolutionary War- Who Really Won? (1783)
By:  Lisa M. Eischer
Library of Congress Image Comparison and Analysis
Library of Congress Image Comparison and Analysis Key
Reactions to the War